:: Spoken English
Needs of Spoken English across the segments.  Spoken English for professionals is very different from the expectations of Spoken English for house wives. So, Spoken English in C-CAT is designed segment wise rather than level wise.

Following variants of the program are offered.
   Program     Modules    Segment   Duration
1.  Basic English Course  Reading, Writing, Speaking Professionals 40 hrs
2.  Business English Certificate (BEC)  
Reading, Writing
Speaking, Listening

Students & Job seekers  50 hrs
3.  Spoken English for Students Speaking, Writing School & College
Students + Job seeker
60 hrs
4.  Spoken English for Employees Speaking, Writing Executives + Nurses 60 hrs
5.  Spoken English before IELTS Speaking, Reading, Writing Study & work Abroad 60 hrs
6.  Spoken English for Housewife Speaking, Reading, Writing Housewives + Self development 60 hrs

Programs covers relevant features of grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence, Creative & Personality Development