:: GRE
Graduate Record Examination
GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Services (ETS) for those who want to pursue their higher studies is MS from US. The test is conducted On-line and test results are valid for Five Years.

Test Format ::
The test has three modules as below.
1. Verbal Skill – Two sections each of 25 questions for 35 min
2. Quantitative Skill – Two sections each of 25 questions for 40 min
3. Analytical Writing – Two essays on Issue & Argument 30 min each
Program on GRE ::
C-CAT’s Program on GRE has the following structure
Module – 1 : Maths Refresher Course
Module – 2 : Vocabulary Builder
Module – 3 : Analytical Writing Workshop
Module – 4 : Individual Skill Development
Module – 5 : On line Mock Tests
Vocabulary Builder ::
C-CAT has a unique way of developing Vocabulary.
1. Etymological Approach of root level learning methods where in a student learns words from their latin and greek prefixes and suffixes.
2. Flash Cards is another excellent self – learning technique from ABC classification of the word lists.
3. Word Bank is prepared in 10 levels starting from easier and shorter words to tougher and longer words rather than conventional A – Z word list.
4. Classroom reinforcement with Applications like analogy and sentence completion exercise on the list discussed for the week.

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